Official Support

OpenLifter is free and open source, but does not come with a warranty or support.

If you would like technical support for your meet, we offer several services — from walking you through the software and making sure things are set up correctly, all the way to in-person score table direction and training for your staff.


Get a version of OpenLifter specifically for your meet

  • Have your logo projected!
  • Your own branding
  • Custom features
  • Desktop versions
  • Starting at US$75

Online Support

Run a meet with complete technical confidence

  • Training for your staff
  • Unlimited e-mail support
  • Meet-day phone support
  • Starting at US$120

In-Person Support

Have the OpenPowerlifting team run your score table

  • We'll do everything!
  • We'll also train your staff
  • Available worldwide
  • Pricing varies based on cost of travel, please inquire